The Art of Crochet

A wonderful series to teach you the relaxing and rewarding art of crochet.

I was always interested in crocheting but thought I would never learn. My poor mum tried to teach me to no avail.

One day I was walking past the news agency and noticed this series so I thought why not , I will give it another go. I am so happy I did as I was able to teach myself to crochet and I haven’t looked back since.

I have learnt many different stitches and techniques, even making gifts for friends and family with my new found skills.

Here is a selection of the first 10 squares of series.

Square 1 – Double crochet square
DC thru front loop square
DC thru back loop square
Half treble square
Half treble stripes square
Square 6 – Treble crochet
Square 7 – Tr and dc mix stitches square
Square 8 – Single – colour granny square
Easy Granny Square
Square 10 – Two-colour Granny Square

And there you have it the first 10 squares of The Art of Crochet throw.

Each issue has the instructions to one square of the throw along with other wonderful crochet items you can make.

Colours used in these squares include:

– Lime green

– Bright pink

– Mauve

– Sunshine yellow

– Turquoise

– Purple

– Navy

– Periwinkle

– Orange

– Teal

Stitches covered in the first 10 squares

– Slip stitch

– Chain stitch

– Double crochet

– Half treble crochet

– Treble crochet

– Front Stitch Loop

– Back Stitch Loop

– Popcorn stitch

– Cluster Stitch

I really enjoyed making these squares. I will put up the next 10 squares in the series once I finish them.


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